Phase 2 of Oman’s wetland-based produced water treatment project complete

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Phase 2 expansion of the Nimr Water Treatment Plant (NWTP) has been completed 1.5 months ahead of schedule, increasing NWTP’s treatment capacity  from 45,000 m3/day to to 95,000 m3/day. The expansion was completed in the third quarter of 2012.

“During the past couple of years, our engineering team and construction partners have been working hard to develop this unique project. With the successful completion of our construction activities in Nimr, we have achieved an impressive milestone. Our day-to-day activities has shifted towards plant operation, however we also conduct research studies and intend to develop new water and environment projects with the oil & gas industry,” said Dennis Kronborg Alexandersen, Regional Sales & Business Development Manager of BAUER Nimr.

The NWTP treatment capacity has increased from 45,000 m3/day to 95,000

Since the beginning of 2011, the NWTP has treated produced water generated by PDO’s oil fields in Southern Oman. It is one of the world’s biggest commercial natural water treatment systems covering more than 700 hectares of constructed wetlands.

“Having planted around two million reeds, we have actually created a wetland oasis in the desert, providing habitat for fish and hundreds of species of migratory birds,” explained wetland specialist Dr. Thomas Headley. The produced water in NWTP runs through a series of reed beds which break down the hydrocarbons before the purified water is collected in evaporation ponds. All of this is done without the need for pumps or any electricity. Another benefit of the NWTP is that it recovers a significant amount of crude oil from the produced water.

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