Headworks BIO enters enters Egyptian market with MBBR retrofit contract

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Headworks BIO has signed a contract with the General Egyptian Company for Buildings (GEC) to retrofit an existing Membrane BioReactor (MBR) – based Waste Water Treatment Plant with the company’s Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) system. This is the company’s first municipal contract in Egypt.

The Mubarak WWTP, located in Alexandria, was designed to treat 4,000 m3/day and commissioned in 2001. After the MBR operated successfully for many years, the plant began to experience problems with membrane fouling that demanded high levels of operator attention and maintenance. Consequently, the plant was taken out of service in 2009.

Headworks BIO was asked to review the performance of the existing plant and evaluate the options available for refurbishment. The retrofit was required to meet the following criteria:

• Maximise the use of existing infrastructure and assets to minimise construction

• Produce a consistent effluent quality of 50:80:50 mg/L for BOD:COD:TSS

• Simplify operation and reduce the required level of operator attention

“Headworks BIO demonstrated our expertise as a solutions provider throughout the bid process,” explained Afnan Din,the Vice President and Process Manager of the MENA Region for Headworks BIO. “We provided a complete process design, taking into consideration the challenges associated with the existing plant and desires of the client. Through working closely with our local representative, Ament, we are proud to announce our first major win in Egypt.”

The proposed system from Headworks BIO involves retrofitting the MBR aeration tanks with MBBR to treat 4,000 m3/day and converting the remaining volume into a secondary clarifier – avoiding any new construction or additional infrastructure expense. The biological treatment process will remove the influent BOD to meet the required effluent target and require minimal maintenance because each piece of media self-maintains an optimum level of productive biofilm.

Based in Houston, Texas, Headworks BIO provides wastewater screening, MBBR/IFAS biological treatment, and tertiary filtration products to the worldwide municipal and industrial treatment industry.

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