NWC claims water savings of 21 million cubic metres

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Saudi Arabia’s National Water Company (NWC) has claimed water savings of over 21 million m³, worth $34m, in Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah and Taif, through the simple expedient of fixing the leaks in water networks.

The savings were roughly 11.7 million m³ in Riyadh, 2.4 million m³ in Jeddah, 6.2 million m³ in Makkah and 766,000 m³ in Taif. NWC relied on a host of technical and administrative methods to plug the leaks, including the use of helium gas, a first in the region, to monitor leaks.

NWC has also signed a number of contracts, worth over $10.7m, with companies to detect leaks in houses with high water consumption in Riyadh. Through this contract, NWC will offer detection of visible and invisible water leaks as a free service to nearly 80,000 houses in Riyadh.

The contracted companies will investigate the connections between the meter and the main water storage tank in the house, the main water tank and the float level switch, and the upper reservoir float level switch, in addition to checking the taps and toilet flush in bathrooms.

NWC believes that visible and non-visible leaks in households are responsible for water losses to the tune of 19 million m³/year in Riyadh alone. The company is also implementing a project to update the database of all subscribers of the water services and sewage in Riyadh at a cost of more than $2.4m.

 In 2011, NWC’s saved 67 million m³ of water, worth SR400 million, by repairing water breaks in Riyadh and Jeddah.

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