Middle East’s first plant water recycle project on track

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The Middle East’s first plant water recycle project in Kuwait is expected to commence operations by the end of 2013, Vikrant Sarin, Technology Manager (Industrial Solutions) of Aquatech, told H20 at the sidelines of Global Water Oil & Gas Summit event in Dubai.

Sarin added that his company would be providing the design support for the project. In September 2010, Kuwait’s EQUATE Petrochemical Company had signed a contract with Aquatech for a plant water recycle project to reuse plant water in various industrial operations, the objective being to reduce water consumption as well as decrease the carbon emission associated with treating plant wastewater for discharge. The deal is part of a comprehensive environmental project by EQUATE valued at over $11 million.

“The project consisted of two stages – piloting and supply with the total cost frozen at the contract signing stage,” said Sarin. “They had to be cautious with re-use because they produce glycol. For example, if there is any trace of COD in the water being re-used, entire batches would have been affected. Losing even a day’s worth of production would entail huge monetary losses.”

After the pilot produced the desired results on the water quality front, EQUATE pushed ahead with full scale implementation.

According to information provided on EQUATE’s website, the company’s facilities discharge around 4,800 m3/day (200m3/hr) of treated wastewater to a seawater cooling tank.

Once the Plant Water Recycle Project commences operations, Equate hopes to re-use minimum 80% of the treated wastewater in process activities, substituting desalinated water supplied by Kuwait’s Ministry of Water and Electricity (MEW). Part of the wastewater will be used for irrigation purposes. The company hopes to save 927,425,887lts of fresh water annually through this project.

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