Sulzer Pumps’ newest design in axially split pumps

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Sulzer Pumps has developed a complete new range of SMD pumps designed for raw and clean water applications. The new axially split pumps represent the evolution of Sulzer Pumps’ traditional SM and SMN pump series.

A press release issued by the company noted that the SMD is designed with the tightest technical specifications in mind, and meets the highest levels of efficiency and suction performance for current and future process demands. The release also claimed that customers also benefit from a more robust, long lasting, and easy-to-maintain pump.

The new pumps, the press announcement continued, is targeted at high volume applications, such as water intake, water treatment, water transport and municipal supply, as well as for distribution of heating and cooling media in residential and industrial systems. Further, the new pumps can also be used in desalination systems, both Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Multi Effect Distillation (MED) plants, and also fire-fighting, irrigation and drainage applications.

The innovative design of the new SMD pumps, the press release noted, provides for a longer life-cycle, greater reliability and cost efficiency. The compact hydraulic dimensions, with fewer parts, contribute to more cost-effective manufacturing processes. According to the press release, by providing the optimum hydraulic fit for each duty point, the new pumps help reduce energy consumption, deliver greater hydraulic performance over a wide range of flows and also offer exceptional suction performance with low spell out NPSH first (NPSH), which, in turn, provides increased flexibility when planning pumping stations with sustained high efficiency levels. With improved hydraulic design, the pumps work at lowest vibration levels for longer bearing life. In addition, the bearing span is minimised and the casing thickness is optimised to help ensure lower weight and improve mechanical reliability.

The standard range is available in 20 sizes, each including a minimum of two hydraulic options achieved through exchangeable impellers, which the press release explained, optimizes product and inventory costs. Because the SMD pumps have fewer parts with extensive inter-changeability, customers can reduce inventory levels and benefit from faster delivery of parts as needed. Vertical installation is a standard option with the same upper and lower casing parts. The mechanical design allows for easy maintenance and reduces maintenance time during shutdowns. For example, bearings and mechanical seals can be replaced without removing the upper casing.

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